About BackGroove


When you need more than records & CDs…

BackGroove is your one-stop shop for audio accessories & record supplies.

We are an all-encompassing place where you can acquire many things from record equipment and accessories like turntables to vinyl cleaning products to sleeves all the way to the cables and adapters you are searching for. We've been in the industry for many years so we know all the troubles when it comes to finding the right equipment and accessories so we made it our mission to make it easier for you to get what you need all in one place.

BackGroove products are exclusive, you will only see them here on our site or in an independent record store. And although we are now online we still strive to keep that indie record store vibe we all love.

We are a small team located in St. Pete, Florida, and want to disrupt the industry in a good way… we will leave the vinyl and cd vending to companies that already do an amazing job such as AMS, Alliance, and Ingram. We left out the posters and lifestyle gifts because we know the local shops are great in that sector. No, we will not be selling high-end audio products as there are plenty of great HiFi stores that do that. And so on… but you will see some random reissues from us every now and then.

Instead, we will be focusing on three product categories: record accessories, audio accessories, and audio gear. All the things that folks need in completing their vinyl and audio sound experience. We have designed all of our products and partnered with quality manufacturers that allow us to provide amazing products at a great value to our customers.

We are relatively new but there are already over 60 independent record stores across the country that carry our products with 100s of happy customers. Obviously, not everyone can shop our products through those stores so we wanted to create this online store so everyone can get some BackGroove products!

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Want to sell our products?

At BackGroove we only wholesale our products to independent record stores across the US so if you are one…reach out to us at joey@backgrooverecords.com or create an account here on our distribution website and we will reach out to you!

Stay in touch with us on social media at @backgrooverecords

Thank you!

- The BackGroove Team