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BackGroove Records is starting a new USA distribution company called Backgroove Distribution. The company will be focused on selling record accessories and basic audio equipment to independent record stores. The goal is to provide an easy way for record stores to buy accessories and electronics for their stores. We will have a stocking warehouse in St Petersburg Florida and will be stocking a complete line of record accessories such as record sleeves, record cleaners and record cleaning supplies, Turntable setup tools, Record cases, and many other record accessories. We will also be offering a complete line of stereo electronics that will allow you to get your store equipped to sell Turntables, Powered Speakers, headphones, Bluetooth products and many other electronics.

We will provide product and sales training, and technical support for those of you new to selling electronics. So stay tuned for more informationĀ inĀ the coming month as we unveil the new company

Material Issue

International Pop Overthrow

Released December 3, 2021

Material Issue’s 30th Anniversary Vinyl
Release for International Pop Overthrow


Backgroove Records always focuses on the quality of any album they release. You will not find better people to bring rare vinyl to the market.