· By Rob Sheeley

How To Enhance The Sound Quality Of Your Turntable

Whether you're a vinyl enthusiast or a complete beginner, you know how important the sound quality is to fully enjoy the music. Here are the top three ways to increase the sound quality of your turntable...

Before we get into making adjustments you want to make sure you have a turntable that is actually good quality. You want to look for something that has all of the staples like anti-skate, speed controls, and so on.

Something like our CS-59 or CS-61 are great options to choose to go with next or be your first system. 

But, if you do have a good quality turntable like one of ours or something similar here are some things you should consider to get the most out of your turntable...

Invest in cleaning supplies: Your vinyl collection can accumulate dust, dirt, and grime over time, which can affect the sound quality. Not only the vinyl needs to be cleaned regularly but also the stylus's cleanliness will also affect sound quality. Investing in cleaning supplies like a carbon fiber brush, cleaning solution, and a microfiber cloth can help keep your collection in pristine condition, ensuring optimal sound quality. 


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Consider a new cartridge or stylus: The cartridge and stylus are responsible for the actual sound reproduction, so upgrading them can have a significant impact on the sound quality. Consider investing in a new cartridge or stylus that matches your turntable's specifications for the best sound reproduction.

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Upgrade your speakers: Speakers play a crucial role in the sound quality of your turntable. Investing in high-quality speakers with a more clear of sound and control can of course enhance the overall sound quality. Aside from that getting speakers with some extra power is always a plus.

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By implementing these simple things, you can significantly enhance the sound quality of your turntable and enjoy your vinyl collection to the fullest!

- The BackGroove Team