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Mill City Sound

Rob Sheeley on The Brian Oake Show

Rob had the pleasure of being a guest on the Brian Oake show to talk about his humble beginnings buying a record collection from the back of a milk truck to a dream hoard located in a Texas basement. Throughout this journey you will hear...

Ric Menck on The Brian Oake Show

Ric was a guest on The Brian Oake Show where he only scratched the surface on his extensive knowledge of the Power Pop genre. Whether it be the Kinks revolutionary riff, Pete Townshend's off the cuff self-evaluation, or the burgeoning scene in Chicago, it's all...

The Origins Of Power Pop by Ric Menck

Part one of three part series on the history of Power Pop written by our very own Ric Menck who has spent a lifetime pursuing the perfect Power Pop sound. Ric has professionally played drums with some of the best Power Pop bands around....